Complete Service

Titus Precision Die Casting (PDC) delivers a complete range of die casting services.

  • Castings from 0.5g to 200g
  • A comprehensive range of vibro finishing processes
  • Decorative finishes - zinc passivate to high gloss chrome
  • Secondary operations such as drilling and tapping
  • Assembly of components
  • Specialized packing

Our Precision Die Casting (PDC) staff have extensive experience in the production of complex geometry parts with tight tolerances across all industrial sectors. Our proven LamaCaster multi-slide technology produces high integrity zinc components of up to 200 grams with the highest level of consistency and repeatability.

We can offer design advice on parts to be made in zinc, tool services including tool simulation using ProCast software, part inspection and testing through to serial production. Our die casting facility is modern and efficient and is fully compliant with all the relevant standards that will give you the customer confidence that we can deliver the product you need.

Examples of our Castings

  • Industrial Connectors

    Industrial Connectors

  • Serial Connectors

    Serial Connectors

  • Serial Connectors

    Serial Connectors

  • Connector Industry

    Connector Industry

  • Car Flip Key Parts

    Car Flip Key Parts

  • Fakra Connector

    Fakra Connector

  • Titus Precision Die Casting Automotive Dashboard parts

    Automotive Dashboard Parts

  • Titus Precision Die Casting Industrial heavy duty Connectors

    Industrial Heavy Duty Connectors

Benefits of Zinc for Component Manufacture

Advantages of zinc as a raw material 

  • Accuracy, zinc products can be held to tight tolerances and display high dimensional stability with long-term reliability and consistency
  • Excellent casting properties allow for flexible designs, including very thin wall sections
  • Zinc alloy products have good thermal and electrical conductivity and accept a broad assortment of plating finishes
  • Zinc materials provide strength and toughness with elevated impact resistance
  • Zinc enables the production of parts to complex and precise ‘Net Shape’ that requires no extra machining
  • Zinc can be cast at moderate temperatures, thus providing significant energy and processing savings
  • Low melting point contributes to long-life tooling and low tool maintenance costs
  • Zinc alloy is also fully recyclable

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