Revolutionary Titusonic® Technology

Titusonic products are based on the revolutionary WoodWelding fastening process for ultrasonically bonding wooden materials without the use of adhesives. The advanced process provides an exceptional bond strength. It can be adapted into many product categories. The first two industrial applications in wood technology are Titusonic® cabinet fastening (Sonic Rivet) and Titusonic® Hollow Core Board (HCB) fastening, jointly developed with and licensed from WoodWelding SA, Switzerland.

Key advantages:

Highly Productive Fast process time enables a high level of production output and low costs.
Adaptable  It can be used to attach most types of fittings to wood based substrates.
Glue Free No clean down or setting up of glue application machinery required.
Quality Assured Statistical Process Control (SPC) can monitor performance and give feedback to the operator.

Ultrasonic Process

When using the WoodWelding® process ultrasonic energy of approximately 20.000 cycles per second is applied. Adding pressure to the process, the liquified plastic connector element is forced into the wood utilising the natural porosity of most wood-based materials such as chipboard, MDF, HDF, and plywood. Most solid woods can also be used with this process, which takes bonds only seconds to complete.

Traditionally wood products are joined together using mechanical fasteners such as wooden dowels and glue, screws or other connecting fittings. However, these methods produce their own problems, which are largely resolved by the use of WoodWelding® technology. It takes fastening of wood products into the future with a process that can be linked to welding of the steel in car manufacture and shipbuilding.

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The Investment is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU

The development of Titusonic technology is co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union Regional Development Fund.